So precisely what is classic lotto 47?

Well it is a bi-weekly lottery draw based in Michigan in the USA. Like all lotteries around the world, players simply attempt to select the correct 6 winning numbers to win prizes. For the Michigan lotto 47, as the names suggests you select 6 numbers from 1 to 47.

Draws are made each and every Wednesday and Saturday evenings at 7:29pm (local time). To win the main jackpot (guaranteed $1,000,000 prize) you need to correctly pick all 6 of the winning numbers.

As I have already stated Classic lotto 47 has a min. jackpot of $1,000,000. However this is not the only prize available to win. Other prizes are paid out as follows:

3 out of 6 winning numbers $5
4 out of 6 winning numbers $100
5 out of 6 winning numbers $2,500
The odds are over 7,000,000 to 1 to correctly pick all 6 of the winning numbers. However this does not deflect from millions of individuals playing classic lotto 47 each and every week. Hoping that one day their numbers will come in and they will win millions of dollars.

Now a number of people play the lottery all the time, whilst other people simply buy a ticket whilst they may be out shopping for example and dream of spending their winnings on a cottage for example or maybe a sports car or holiday.

However as I have already stated with odds of well over 7 million to 1 of winning classic lotto 47, you can see your chances of selecting all 6 numbers correctly are stacked against you.

Lottery Systems

Whatever you may or may not of heard, NO lottery system or in fact any numbering system can correctly predict the winning numbers, whether you use it for classic lotto 47, the Washington Lotto or even The Texas Lottery Mega Millions Lottery, they simply can not do it!

So if you are one of those people who think such systems exist, you are sadly very wrong. Do not say I haven't warned you.

So is there any help to win classic lotto 47 ?

If you really are serious about winning this lottery or in fact any lottery you enter, there are a few things that you can do to increase your chances of winning.

Well, as I have already stated, no lottery system can predict the exact winning numbers that will be selected. However, good systems will make that very clear to you.

How these systems work is by using complicated formulas (taking into account number runs, 'Hot' numbers, regular numbers, etc) to calculate a set of numbers for you to use.

In this way that can actually increase your chances of winning classic lotto 47 (or any other lottery you may well play).

Yes of course it would be great to get 6 out of 6 numbers and win the 'Jackpot' (Min $1,000,000), however the odds of selecting just 5 correct numbers are far less than 7 million to 1. So as you can see your chances would of greatly improved.

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